Escort girls are the jokers in the deck of life

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Escort girls gamble with all the stack in

Escort girls play with the law and do not dare to hesitate to ear their living with escort service which sometime might become quite dangerous.

The illegal factor plus being in the darkest streets of town isn’t exactly safe of secure, but for them life is a game and their strongest weapon is their mesmerizing smile and irresistible body.

The higher the risk the higher is the reward because for every exhilarating dangerous adventure they go through, they end up with suitcases of money, such girls who earn 300$ per hour will go home extremely financially satisfied at the night of an entire night.

Escort girls play with men & not with cards

Escort girls expertise is the arts of seductions & their profession is to give the most deepest divinest satisfaction and sensations possibely imaginable.

An escort girl with a beauty that will beat any beauty queen, fashion super model & a famous porn star can conquered men just by blinking at their direction.

And a girl with such dominating power just can’t help herself and take any advantage she can over men to enjoy life to the richest.

The dominating control is in the gentle hands of an escort girl

Escort girl decides the rules of the game and they decide who gets to play if ever when at any given moment she can regret and turn her pretty head else where.

She determines how much to charge the customer and what she’s willing to provide him in exchanges and in a case where he doesn’t like it, again she’ll find someone new quickly enough.

The schedule is also in the hands of the escort girl when she chooses when she works, how many hours and can takes a vacation just whenever she pleases.

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