What is Oligarch Models?

Oligarch Models has been a well established and reliable escort agency for many years here in Israel, where you can be sure that you will get exactly what you have booked and even more. We offer the best and highest escort services available with a particular care for our clients’ desires and fantasies so that their experience will be with the highest satisfaction and very memorable. Through our very meticulous screening process of our escorts we assure our local and world wide clients that the service that they will receive is from the most beautiful and exclusive escorts available.

What are the requirements for receiving your services?

You must be at least 24 years old and this is to ensure that you can afford our high level of escort services and fantasy fulfillment treats.

What services do you offer?

We offer escort and companionship services from the most beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, and sophisticated women in Israel of the highest class. All of our sexy Israeli escorts are over 18 years old and eager to make your fantasies a reality. Our escorts will also be glad to escort you to a fine restaurant, business meeting, and even a fun night in town at a night club or even one of the great strip clubs of Tel-Aviv. These escort services are not available at other escort services in the country and are exclusive only to us.

In addition to our escort and companionship services we can also interest you in our limousine, lean jet private plane, and yacht rental services if you would like to entertain the escort or escorts of your choice. If you would like to entertain even more people or maybe you like your own large space we would be glad to rent for you one of our exclusive villas, some with a beautiful view to the Mediterranean sea.

Did you have a good time with the escort or escorts of your choice? Show her how much you appreciated her service and pampering by maybe buying here some fine exclusive jewelry. We can recommend the very best jewelers in Israel.

Do I need to book ahead the escort of my choice?

As the most exclusive escort service in Israel we always recommend that you do book ahead so that the escort of your choice will be available and ready for you at the time you prefer. The escort of your choice is usually at your doorstep in your hotel room or residence within a maximum of an hour from the time you have called us if you are staying in the Tel-Aviv area. If you require the services of our escorts overseas it is best to book her at least 2 weeks before.

How long will the escort stay for?

The escort service is according to an hourly rate. The escort will stay for as long as you have booked her for through our agency.

What sexual acts will the escort perform?

A site Oligarch Models designed for dating, massage services and escort services without sex. The site is subject to the Israeli Law, which prohibits publication of prostitution services and other state laws. Anyone who violates the laws of the state will be punished according to the severity of the law.

What is done between you and the escort or escorts of your choice is in accordance to what each side agrees to, we just offer the booking service and not advertising any kind of sexual services. We do not interfere with what happens between two adults.

Warning: Illegal advertisements will be removed immediately from the site and no refund funds will be refunded

What are your working hours?

Our office accepts booking from 11 AM to 6 AM 7 days a week. We are always available for you and guarantee your full discretion.

What are your areas of service?

Our escort services provide escorts and companionship to all regions in Israel and to some worldwide locations. Always pick your escort or escorts of your choice from our escorts selection of beautiful women before contacting us.

Please call us if you have any more questions about our escorts and services :: 055-9915563