New Girls

Oligarch escort services present you a wide range of selection of dozens of new escort girls in the field of massage service.

Mesmerizing new escort masseuse girls is a new popular trend among men and women who use massage escort service, many men are suspicious and worry about ordering new girls because of the reason that they think they are not experienced enough and won’t deliver the goods. On the other hand there are many men who fantasise and desire only new fresh and new girl who only began to offer their services.

We are here to explain to you and reveal the secrets of the new escort massage girls and what their true meaning is. First of all new escort masseuse go through a period of professional and hard training and are not thrown into the deep water just like that, exclusive escort services take great care and worry that the girls will  accumulate important experience and rich knowledge about the profession and build their self-esteem and skills.

The second thing is that new escort massage girl invest a much larger effort in pleasing and satisfying the customers, more than the not so new girls and they have many reason to behave so. A new girl must prove her loyalty to the customers, prove she’s disciplined and high quality especially if it’s a luxurious and an expensive massage escort services. She needs to increase her popularity and the customer’s amount so she’ll have a steady and stable work schedule, also she’d love to accumulate regular customers for the same reason.

Another reason is that new masseuse girls want to increase their hourly price and they are able to do so only by satisfying and pleasing customers greatly, perform impressive performances, making unforgettable intimate and emotional connections with the customer and pleasing them in a whole new other level until the customers will contact the escort agency, flatter and give compliments about the girls.

When the girl’s popularity and customer demands will increase and she will prove her massage service is in high quality level only than her hourly price will increase and she will enjoy a higher income every month. Such a process may take month and she will be ought to please greatly and spoil every customer with her outstanding service.

In addition some of the girls are highly ambitious and aim to become VIP level massage escort , which means they have to work much harder than the other new girls who make effort only to survive and the escort masseuses who want to become VIP ought to prove they are unique, one of a kind and are internationally successful and incredible in massage escort service.

The motivation to become a VIP level girl is high because the hour prices can raise in hundreds to thousands of shekels per hour. The ones who do succeed are the most intelligent, skilful, talented, the most beautiful and have unforgettable and breath taking performances.

Enjoy our wide range of New & Massage Escort Girls, the selection is huge and new escort masseuses join every month so the list keeps growing.

Thank you & enjoy our exclusive service.